Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Stray Kids' 'Side Effects' MV

Side Effects with Stray Kids is finally here. Have you heard it yet? If not check it out.

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Lee Know is wearing the crowley Wool Crewneck Sweater (in white) from OAMC

Red Velvet's 'Zimzalabim' MV

The magic word is Zimzalabim. Red Velvet's comeback is here and it's addictive, will you be jamming it this summer? Check YCH for their customized clothes in MV.

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 Irene is wearing:
Logo Jacquard Strap Sports Bra from Paco Rabanne
Logo pleated midi skirt from Marine Serre

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

DIA's Somyi on IDOL RADIO 190401

DIA appeared in IDOL RADIO back in April where they answered fans' questions and performed 'WOOWA'.

Somyi is wearing round neck flared dress from MONTS.

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Image Credits: MBC, fdu.co.kr

G-friend's 'Fever Season' Concept Teaser

G-Friend is making another summer comeback after Sunny Summer last year.
This year is Fever Season, are you looking forward to it?

 Eunha is wearing:
Corsett Blazer from KYE

Monday, June 17, 2019

Lovelyz otw to KBS Music Bank 190614

Lovelyz showed up bright and fresh to Music Bank's rehearsals. 

Jisoo is wearing:
Unisex Bucket Dwalker Dad Shoes from Discovery Expedition

Yein is wearing WMNS NEO BUNGY PLATFORM from Shaka.

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Image Credits: topstanews, uswconcept.com, lapalette.us, hallyumart.com, worldshopping.global

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Apink @ Incheon Airport 190612

Apink members departing from Incheon Airport heading to Houston.

 Hayoung is wearing Black Color Mule from Formel Camele.

Chorong is wearing White and Red Print Crew-neck T-shirt from Burberry.

Naeun is wearing Tundra Denim Jumpsuit from Isabel Marant.

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Image Credits: Newsen, momokorea.com, lookastic.com, modesens.com

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Red Velvet's 'The ReVe Festival' Wendy Ver.

Wendy was the last member. We will probably get a MV teaser before the release, so stay tuned in.
D-4 to go.

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Wendy is wearing: 
VELVET WRAP TOP from Marine Serre
Brilliant Athletic Short from Marine Serre

fromis_9 on 'Idol Room EP. 53' (2)

Part 2 of Idol Room with fromis_9.

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 Nakyung is wearing:

fromis_9 on 'Idol Room EP. 53'

Have you seen the 2nd appearance on Idol Room with fromis_9. If not check it out now.

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Chaeyoung is wearing the RC19T110 from Romanchic

Friday, June 14, 2019

April's Naeun & Jinsol otw to 'Hello Counselor' 190407

April's Naeun and Jinsol showed up fresh and stylish to the recording of  KBS 'Hello Counselor'.

Naeun is wearing:
Tindy Square Bag from BBYB
METAL BLEND BLOUSE from Margarin Fingers

Red Velvet's 'The ReVe Festival' Joy Ver.

It's Joy today, which means that Wendy will be the last one out. Are you ready
for Red Velvet's comeback?

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Joy is wearing:
Tie Dye Dress from Marine Serre
All Over Moon Leggings from Marine Serre

Request: Twice's 'Happy Happy' MV

Twice's Japanese comeback Happy Happy. Have you heard it?
Request from Adriana Aguirre.

Dahyun is wearing the Funshine flocked applique striped cotton t-shirt from Mira Mikati

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Red Velvet's 'The ReVe Festival' Seulgi Ver.

Half-way through is with Seulgi. Are you ready for the last two members coming soon?
And which song teaser did you like the most?

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Seulgi is wearing:
logo swimsuit (modified) from ICEBERG

Somi's 'Birthday' MV

It's not Somi's Birthday but her debut day. 
Hit the button to check out her solo song.

Somi is wearing the Crystal Embroidered Bustier Cotton T Shirt from Germanier

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