Friday, September 22, 2017

IU's 'Sleepless rainy night' MV & Album BTS

IU released another remake album. Lov her voice its so calm, its calming me down. 
Listen to Sleepless rainy night and have a good weekend.

IU is wearing the SQUARE NECK LACE DRESS GREEN from oh L

IU is wearing the Logo Beanie from IMPACT EFFECT

IU is wearing the 90s packable shell jacket from Tommy Jeans

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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Image Credits: 1thek, pinterest,
impact-effect.com, us.wconcept.com

YG Boys at 'OnStyle Get it Beauty' EP.28

Another episode of Get it Beauty with the guest from YG Entertainment. For you who don't know this show, its a show about makeup and styling. 

B.I is wearing the Black Jamie Reid Sweatshirt with Stud Sleeves from Valentino

ONE is wearing the Unisex Jersey Sweatshirt from Burberry

Mino is wearing:

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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Image Credits: OnStyle, mytheresa.com,
zoofashions.com, ambushdesign.com,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Niel's 'Love Affair 2' PRE-PHOTO

Niel is releasing a solo single tomorrow with JUSTHIS. A second part of his previous title song with Giant Pink. Looking forward to this.

Niel is wearing the Striped Shirt Studio from Zara

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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Image Credits: TEENTOP, fwrd.com,

Monday, September 18, 2017

BTS's' DNA' MV (2)

More clothing from Bangtan Boy's new song DNA.

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Rap Monster is wearing:
Striped Wool Zip Neck Jumper from J.W.Anderson


Of course they are topping the charts with their new song. BTS's DNA is really good, it is different from other K-pop songs, definitely adding it to my playlist. 
What did you think?

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Suga is wearing:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Running Man Ep. 367

Still waiting for the 2nd global race to be aired. Running Man's is pretty good visiting our countries to promote their. They even inspired mes to visit some countries when free times is allowed. Looking forward to the next episodes with Running Man.

Lee Elijah is wearing the Frill Trimming Ring Zipper-T from Stylenanda

Jihyo is wearing:

Jeon Somin is wearing the Flower Blouse from Thursday Island

Jaesuk is wearing the Tropical Ice T-shirt from Kenzo

Yang Se Chan is wearing:

Kwangsoo is wearing the 'A' Patch Shirt from AMI

More coming soon,
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Image Credits: Running Man, stylenanda.co.kr,
farfetch.com, item2.gmarket.co.kr, theamall.com,
kangolstore.com, store.musinsa.com

Friday, September 15, 2017

Weki Meki at 'Weekly Idol' Ep.320

A joint episode between Weki Meki and Golden Child at Weekly Idol. I haven't seen the episode yet but here you get some sneak peak what Weki Meki is wearing on this week's episode.

Doyeon is wearing the Lonely Logo Crop Sweat Shirt from Lonely Club

Thursday, September 14, 2017

iKON Bobby's 'I LOVE YOU' MV

The other MV I LOVE YOU with Bobby. The song gives a summer vibe, don't you think so?
Which song is your favorite from Bobby's 1st album?

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Bobby's 'I Love You' Concept Teaser

Bobby is wearing:
bleached denim jacket from Maison Margiela


Who thought that Bobby would be the one from iKON to go solo. Releasing a full album with two MVs, I like it. Runaway was a good song, can't wait to hear the full album.

Bobby is wearing the Vêtements Purple Oversize Bomber Jacket from Vetements

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BewhY & Dok2's '9UCCI BANK' MV

How much Gucci can you store in a 9UCCI BANK? Let's ask
BewhY and Dok2. Kinda luxurious don't you think?

BewhY is wearing:

Monday, September 11, 2017

ELRIS's 'Pow Pow' MV Teaser

After a lot of boy groups let's go back to some girl groups. ELRIS is back with their 2nd mini album after making their debut this year. What comeback are you looking forward to this month?
Stayed tuned in for more posts.

Karin is wearing the COMBI COLLAR MINI DRESS COBALT from oh L

Friday, September 8, 2017

Request: Wanna One on 'Weekly Idol' EP.315-316

An Instagram request made by our followers. Wanna One have finished promoting their 1st title song. What do you think they are doing next?

Jaehwan is wearing:
RUDY RK221 from Rekken

Thursday, September 7, 2017

BTS's 'Love Yourself' Concept Teaser (2)

More of BTS/Bangtan Boys

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J-Hope is wearing the 3D GOLF SWEATER from Golf Wang

BTS's 'Love Yourself' Concept Teaser

It's getting closer to a comeback with BTS. Are you excited like all the other fans all around the world? Can't wait for music teaser, stayed tuned for more teasers coming.

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V is wearing:
Logo socks from GCDS
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