Saturday, April 21, 2018

Request: TWICE at '180415 Inkigayo' & 'KCON Japan'

A request from Summer Lothamer asking for Twice under their promotion time with What Is Love.
Using the same in two performances, Inkigayo and KCON Japan, check out the stage on the links.

Tzuyu is wearing:
waves lover print T-shirt from Valentino

Friday, April 20, 2018

180417 BLACKPINK for Puma Suede Bow

Blackpink has recently recorded an advertisement for Puma Suede Bow shoes! Check it out here.

Lisa is wearing Greta Top BY Oh My God

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Review: Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

Hello! This is a review on the Rice Mask Wash Off by a Korean Skincare brand known as Skinfood. I purchased this at Ulta Beauty for $10 (USD), but you can also get it on the official Skinfood site for the same price!

Rating: 5/5

Packaging: Sealed nicely and when you open it up there is a soft grainy type substance. These small grains help in exfoliating and softening your skin.

Skin Type: I have dry sensitive skin, so when I first used this mask and my face began to sting a little, it made me nervous to leave it on for longer.

Results: After about 10 minutes I rinsed off the mask and was very surprised! I could now understand why the Rice Mask Wash Off is one of Skinfood's best sellers. After drying, my skin was more softer then it had ever been with past products.

Recommend?: I'd recommend this to anyone who likes Korean Skincare Products. I think anyone who wants a nice soft glow to their skin should try this mask.

Dry Skin Out?: Not at all! The mask is very hydrating.

Acne?: I was happy that it did not cause my skin to break out and has actually helped prevent it!

Overall: This was one of the best masks I have tried! You can also see other people's reviews on the product by visiting the Skinfood site.

~ Infinity

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Image Credits: theskinfood.us

G-friend's 'Time For The Moon Night' Concept

Are you looking forward to this comeback with G-Friend? If so, stayed tuned
for more teasers coming. D-11 to Time for the Moon Night release.

Umji is wearing the cropped cut out face top from Vivetta

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


What did you think of HYO's solo song SOBER with an EDM twist. For me, I liked it, its sounds good and it has a feeling that I can't describe. So check out the Korean version on the link below or the English Ver.

Hyoyeon is wearing: 
ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY AW BRA from Adidas by Alexander Wang
ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY AW SKIRT from Adidas by Alexander Wang

Hyoyeon is wearing the Woven VW jacket from Nike

Hyoyeon is wearing the NIKE MOTION ADAPT HIGH SUPPORT BRA from Nike

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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Image Credits: SMTOWN, alexanderwang.com,
farfetch.com, footlocker.com

TWICE's' 'What Is Love' for ONCE

Check out TWICE's dance practice for What Is Love with a special version for
their fans ONCE.

Mina is wearing:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

JBJ's 'Call Your Name' MV

This is the last MV from the project group JBJ. I think that this is a song 
for the fans where they are trying to say don't forget them after the break up.
Check out Call Your Name now.

Sanggyu is wearing the 18SSSH02 from Beyond Closet

Whee In & Sik-K's 'Easy' MV

This is a rare collaboration. Whee In released her solo MV Easy together with Sik-K.
What did you think of the song?
*If you know the name of the Chanel shirt comment it below, thanks!

See also:

Whee In is wearing:
Vintage Check Baseball Cap from Burberry 
Vintage Pleated skirt from Burberry 

Guerrilla Date with Hani at 'Entertainment Weekly'

EXID had a mini guerrilla date with their fans and talked more about their newest single album Lady.
Check out their 10mins section from Entertainment Weekly.

Hani is wearing the SS18 Parody Graphic T-Shirt from studioseong

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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Image Credits: KBS, wconcept.co.kr

Monday, April 16, 2018

Nine Percent @ Universal Studios in LA

Nine Percent taking a break and visiting Universal Studios in LA!

Zhu Zhengting is wearing Romantic Shirt / Navy BY JoyRich

UNB at 'K-RUSH3' Show

UNB finally made their debut after being on The Unit. This is the first show 
they appeared on I think. Check out K-RUSH 3 here and get to learn who they are.

Marco is wearing:
Logo Basic Longsleeves from WAIKEI
Open Sleeves Check Shirt from WAIKEI

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Request: Twice and What Is Love at '180412 M! Countdown!

Have a great weekend everyone. Listen to Twice and their new song What Is Love on the music shows maybe or even MV? Request from Lilly Paige.

See also:

Momo is wearing the The No. Icon 1.2 T-shirt from Viktor & Rolf

Friday, April 13, 2018

Whee In's 'Easy' Concept Teaser

After the comeback of Starry Night is time for the members to release some solo albums. First out is WheeIn followed by Moonbyul so stayed tuned in for more.

Whee In is wearing:

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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Image Credits: Mamamoo, farfetch.com,

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Review: acmé de la vie Hoodie

I'm back with a new Korean brand review. This time I am following the Korean hoodie hype and  bought acmé de la vie directly from their E-store since they ship worldwide. If you don't know this brand yet, check it out what we have covered up here or check out their Instagram to see which stars have wore their clothes.

What did I buy then? To fit the weather to where I live, I bought a 18SS hoodie which is a collection for this year and the print is a you see on the picture "Donut kid". To be honest I was pending if I should buy this print or another one since they have many different ones. I ended up with this one and I love it :)
 The hoodie also comes in a plasticbag when you buy it (picture 1). The shipping isn't bad, I think I got the package within seven days after getting the shipping notification. In buying process I also got in contact with the company when there was a problem with the product. Helpfully they spoked English so that was a great help.

If you wonder about the size, they are designed in numbers 1 or 2. So is not in the sizing charts that  we are used to know.
I bought 2. It is a oversize hoodie so they usually fit but the size for depends on how loose you want the hoodie to be.

To conclude everything for this time I'm happy that I bought a hoodie from 
acmé de la vie. Everything was great from hoodie to shipping/service.
I will definitely buy clothes from the next collection. 

Comment for any questions below ↓

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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