Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pledis Family on Weekly Idol EP. 318-319

Definitely need more episodes like this when entertainments enter a variety show together. It's more fun, this time we have the Pledis family giving us some laughs. Can't wait for upcoming episodes with other idols.  

Nayoung is wearing the MY KEY CROP T-SHIRT from Rolarola

Kyulkyung is wearing the Floral Set Up Bustier from 8seconds

Eunwoo is wearing the LOGO RINGER T from 1993studio

Rena is wearing the T-Shirt from LAP

Ren is wearing the Leaf Aloha Shirt from Bluff

JR is wearing the Vastic Linen Paradise Open Collar Shirts from VASTIC

More coming soon,
Peace out ✌︎

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