Thursday, April 12, 2018

Review: acmé de la vie Hoodie

I'm back with a new Korean brand review. This time I am following the Korean hoodie hype and  bought acmé de la vie directly from their E-store since they ship worldwide. If you don't know this brand yet, check it out what we have covered here or check out their Instagram to see which stars have worn their clothes.

What did I buy then? To fit the weather to where I live, I bought a 18SS hoodie which is a collection for this year and the print is a you see on the picture "Donut kid". To be honest I was pending if I should buy this print or another one since they have many different ones. I ended up with this one and I love it :)
 The hoodie also comes in a plastic bag when you buy it (picture 1). The shipping isn't bad, I think I got the package within seven days after getting the shipping notification. In buying process I also got in contact with the company when there was a problem with the product. Helpfully they spoke English so that was a great help.

If you're wondering about the size, they are designed in numbers 1 or 2, which is not in the sizing charts that we are used to now.
I bought 2. It is an oversized hoodie so they usually fit but the size depends on how loose you want the hoodie to be.

To conclude everything for this time I'm happy that I bought a hoodie from 
acmé de la vie. Everything was great from hoodie to shipping/service.
I will definitely buy clothes from the next collection. 

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More coming soon,
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