Sunday, August 5, 2018

(G)I-DLE Flash Mob in NYC (Blog Post)

 (G)I-DLE came to New York City for promotional activities which included a 'LATATA' flash mob performance. I will include a few fan-cam performances for your enjoyment before the official recording released by the hosts/organizers of the flash mob is posted later.

I was lucky enough to be part of the flash mob so I will give a personal account of what happened. The supporting dancers had to attend four mandatory rehearsals before the event. On Friday August 3rd at 6PM EDT it was announced that they were doing a flash mob performance at Times Square, New York City on Saturday August 4th at 5PM EDT. I was reading on Reddit that Cube Entertainment only got a permit for 25 people to perform (not sure if this is true or not), but my organizer said they originally wanted 100 people. Ultimately, 50 dancers were chosen who applied by video entry because of limited rehearsal space.

The day of the performance at 4PM, many (G)I-DLE fans were already crowded around the venue which caused obstruction to people trying to pass through the area. NYPD cancelled the performance and told the organizers we could try again at 8PM. We, the dancers, were instructed not to tell anyone about the time change or else we would still face the same crowd problem as before.

While we were waiting for the rescheduled performance by eating dinner in Koreatown NYC, (G)I-DLE made an appearance at a K-beauty store called L'ovue at 6:30pm on the same block. I saw them for a second but then they disappeared so no picture of them there :(

We went back to Times Square at 8PM and on a summer Saturday evening, it was still too crowded full of regular tourists despite there being only a few fans around. The organizers who were there told us to go to Washington Square Park. Again, we could not tell anyone because of the space and capacity issue. We took the subway and got to the park around 8:20PM. Somehow, there were fans who found out about it before we did and were already waiting there. While us flash mob performers were standing around waiting, at 8:35PM (G)I-DLE suddenly appeared all smiling being escorted by bodyguards. In real life they are sooo pretty (and small)! They wasted no time getting down to business.

They first performed "APESH**T" by The Carters, then BTS's "Fake Love", and lastly their own debut song "Latata" two times. Even though we performed with (G)I-DLE, we didn't get to really meet them as bodyguards whisked them away as soon as the flash mob performance was over. When they were leaving I got to hi-touch Soyeon and Yuqi as they walked past so I'm satisfied with the whole experience despite it being a hot and muggy day :)

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Image Credits: Brad and Eric (YouTube), me


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