Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Gugudan's 'Not That Type' MV

Gugudan have grown so much since their debut. Showing a more girl crush concept for this concept, I hope that they can take their first win (even though it will be hard this month). Check out Not That Type and cheer for the girls.

See also:

Hana is wearing:
Logo Hoodie from Charm's x Kappa

Sally is wearing the HAZARD NEPTUNE JACKET from I AM GIA

Sejeong is wearing:
Leather Tube Top from Charm's x Kappa

Haebin is wearing the Multi Logo Denim Jacket from Charm's x Kappa

Soyee is wearing the Cropped Logo Top from Charm's x Kappa

Mimi is wearing the SABOTAGE LAYERED SLEEVE TEE from Not Common Sense

Hana is wearing the RIDE OR DIE CHICK SKIRT from Current Mood

Peace out ✌︎
A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R ´Alexander´

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