Saturday, February 16, 2019

ITZY's 'Dalla Dalla' at 190214 M! Countdown

DALLA DALLA is indeed catchy but in my honest opinion I don't think that ITZY has a chance to win first place with this song, the song is not "strong" enough to compete for the trophies. Maybe for their next comeback until that time let's enjoy this debut song.

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Lia is wearing:
Halter-Neck Logo Crop Top from OFF-WHITE
eyelet details trousers from Alexander Wang

Yeji is wearing:
Goretex technical trousers from OFF-WHITE

Chaeryeong is wearing the Utility Bodysuit from BADBLOOD

Yuna is wearing:
GAZETTE PRINT T-SHIRT from John Galliano
Sl Logo Web Long Belt from MASSNOUN

Ryujin is wearing:
Nike Wm Cc Bodysuit from Nikelab
Camo Pants from Rothco

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