Friday, May 10, 2019

Request: WayV's 'Take Off' MV (2)

 The last part of Take Off with WayV.

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YangYang is wearing:
Feff Longsleeve from Daily Paper

Kun is wearing the GG Supreme print blazer jacket from Gucci

WinWin is wearing:
Amiri Team Graphic Tee from Amiri 

Xiaonjun is wearing:
Crystal Ball Crewneck from Amiri
checkered low tops from Vans

YangYang is wearing:
Aleeks T-shirt from 1017 ALYX 9SM

Lucas is wearing the Camp-Collar Printed Silk Shirt from Amiri

Ten is wearing the Camp-Collar Checkerboard Silk Shirt from Amiri 

Peace out ✌︎
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Image Credits: SM Ent., gucci,, yoox, fwrd, mrporter


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