Wednesday, June 5, 2019

K-Pop Fashion Trend: Face Masks

 I started seeing the face mask in 2008 for the first time when BIGBANG's T.O.P wore the studded face mask performing Sunset Glow, but this isn't the one that we are used to seeing today in the K-pop world.

Face masks were probably used for medical reasons and for surgery at the hospital at first but with time the purpose has been changed, at least in the southern part of Asia. These people are using face mask to fight the pollution but in South Korea they are also using it as a fashion accessory.

Today idols are using mask to disguise themselves from the public or when they are not wearing make up I guess or to hide themselves. You can see it in all kinds of environment, airport, music shows etc. The mask that we are used to see is the black one in all kinds of material. But they're is also in white.

CL in the airport

BTS Taehyung otw music show

If you have been following or reading street fashion magazine then you may have seen this person Zhijun Wang. He has taken face mask to a new level. What he does is that he is remaking famous sneakers into face masks that are 100% functional. Below is my favorite from his creations:

Vapormax from OFF-WHITE x Nike

Nike Air More Uptempo 'Supreme' from Supreme x Nike

Making this masks from sneakers makes me wonder how far you can take it. This accessory will never disappear as long as you can use it as a fashion item or fighting pollution. We will always have the cheap one that you can get everywhere, if i'm not wrong I think that you can get it in almost every convenience store in South Korea. But don't forget that we also has the expensive one that people are willing to buy. I read today that OFF-WHITE is bringing it to make for their new collection.
What do you think about OFF-WHITE when they re-create something so simple and put it for a higher price and can it be a way to make the mask more creative?

EXO Chanyeol in BAPE face mask

Peace out ✌︎
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Image Credits: As watermarked, zhujin wang


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