Wednesday, November 27, 2019

KoreanBuddy Review (USA version)

Holiday shopping season is here! If you have issues shopping from Korean online stores because they don't ship to your country, require a South Korean national ID card to check out, or for any other reason, KoreanBuddy is the solution. KoreanBuddy will buy the items in Korea for you and ship it to you, to almost anywhere in the world. On our website, many Korean celebrities wear clothing and accessories readers want to buy that are not readily or easily available outside of Korea. 

From now until December 31, 2019 use promo code KSTYLEFILES for 50% off KoreanBuddy fee (maximum $20) on your first order! Just type the code in the referral promotion code text box on their order page.

We also tried KoreanBuddy out for ourselves, check out our experience with them shipping to the USA below! Sweden/Europe review will come later as it is currently still in transit.

October 7: Order submitted through
October 7: Invoice for items provided
October 8: Invoice for items paid
October 10: We were notified by KoreanBuddy the items have been ordered.
October 14: Our items arrived to their office and KoreanBuddy sent us photos of our order to make sure everything came before shipping to us overseas.

October 14: Invoice for shipping from Korea to USA (and Sweden, which will be in a separate post) provided
October 15: Invoice for shipping paid
October 16: Order shipped out from Korea via regular mail. 
October 26: USA portion of order arrives to New York City

Pictures below are how the package arrived

(Towel covering addresses for privacy)

The cap from KoreanBuddy's proof photos will be in the Sweden/Europe version review.

Customer service has been great from beginning to end. They have been communicative in a timely manner and explained to us each step in the ordering process. If you have any questions for them, feel free to contact them at If you have questions about our experience, please comment below!

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