Sunday, December 15, 2019

KoreanBuddy Review (Sweden Version)

I'm still going strong with my collection for Korean fashion brands (you can find other brands review here) and Beyond Closet is the next one. I decided to go with this brand because they don't ship worldwide and what couldn't be better with the help from KoreanBuddy. So I made this order with my team and it worked fine. You can read how the process went, on the USA version from went the order was ordered by KoreanBuddy and shipped to two different locations.

So this is the timeline for shipping to Sweden: 

October 7: Order submitted through
October 7: Invoice for items provided
October 8: Invoice for items paid
October 10: We were notified by KoreanBuddy the items have been ordered.
October 14: Our items arrived to their office and KoreanBuddy sent us photos of our order to make sure everything came before shipping to us overseas.
October 14: Invoice for shipping from Korea to USA (and Sweden, which will be in a separate post) provided
October 15: Invoice for shipping paid
October 16: Order shipped out from Korea via regular mail. 
November 1: Order arrived and picked up in Sweden

I'm very happy with my order and will be using KoreanBuddy more in the future. So don't hesitate to make your order for the holidays coming. And comment below if you have any questions.

From now until December 31, 2019 use promo code KSTYLEFILES for 50% off KoreanBuddy fee (maximum $20) on your first order! Just type the code in the referral promotion code text box on their order page.

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